CO2 Offsetting

Calculate & Offset emissions with one click.

Are your customers asking you to help them offset their emissions? Do you want to have a product at hand that can help make logistics less impactful on the environment?

AGX is partnering with, one of the most professional providers in the CO2 offsetting industry. You will be able to offset your transport in one click and receive a certificate for it directly into you AGX file.

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Vessel Based Calculations

Benefit from accurate calculations.

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Choose your compensation project

Pick out of 20+ projects to set off.

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Customized certificates

Your customer, your Brand, your branded certificates.


Offer Insurances, without sending Mails.

Are your customers transporting cargo worth hundreds of thousands without any transportation insurance? Is you local broker or insurer not only expensive but also slow to send coverage certificates?

AGX has partnered with a leading insurance company for transportation insurance. You can quote, book and directly receive the insurance certificate in mere minutes instead of days.


Optimize your cashflow.

Are current freight levels straining your cash flow? Did you say no to customers before because you couldn’t or didn’t want to bind your cash for very long payment terms? AGX has partnered with a leading provider of transport factoring solutions so you can provide your customers with 60-90 days of payment terms while receiving cash almost immediately. And all of this for transparent percentage-based pricing.

Start using the operations platform of the future, today.