One platform to collaborate with all your partners.

AGX allows importers to centralize their communication with freight forwarders through a single platform. The data received from freight forwarders is seamlessly integrated into your ERP system, ensuring a structured flow of information.

Furthermore, we provide important features such as Demurrage/Detention information, which not only saves you time but also helps you save money.

EDI for all partners
Less partner communication
Shipping costs through less DEM/DET and emergency shipments
Structure of a file

AGX helps you to take control back and free up your time

PO based visibility from CRD to delivery:
Central neutral tracking of all process steps from shipper booking to delivery at warehouse

Central communication and collaboration:
Communicate with shippers, your team, your forwarders and your intermodal providers centrally

Flexible workflow tracking and notifications:
Customizable workflows to ensure your shipment stay in time and in cost

Integrate your ERP and your providers:
Use AGX as the middleware to integrate service providers and stay flexible who you work with

Focus on important things

Manage all transport centrally

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Container  and PO Tracking

Neutral container tracking, no matter who you work with. From Empty to shipper to empty returned. Search and track by PO number.

deal tracking

Custom Milestone tracking

Decide which milestones are important for you, get visibility into what is happening at origin.

pipeline management

Exception notifications

Know when things go wrong! Get notifications when there are changes on the CRD, ETA or vessel changes.

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One file for communication & docs

Communicate with your team, your freight forwarders and soon your truckers and suppliers in one place. Share documents amongst each other.

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Centralized Booking

Ensure bookings are allocated smoothly across your service provider base and retain control. 

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Central integrations

AGX is built API/EDI/CSV first, have us integrate your partners and build one connection to you - stay flexible.

Go beyond - avoid costly exceptions

 Understand your supply chain on a product level

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Demurrage and Detention

Neutral container tracking, no matter who you Retain an overview on the demurrage and detention status of your containers - say good bye to extra costs with. From Empty to shipper to empty returned. Search and track by PO number.

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PO Line Item Visibility

Visibility into PO line-item information (SKUs, count, value, etc.) within each of your containers. Custom dashboards to make better business decisions.

pipeline management

Allocation visibility

Upload your contracts, track who books what and ensure you stick to MQCs and that your providers stick to theirs.

reporting dashboard

Custom Alarms and Health

One score to let you know if your shipments are doing well. We can help you set up custom notifications if they are not!

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Custom BI Dashboards

Let us know what your teams want to be informed about, if we have the data, we will build you the dashboard.

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Last Mile tracking

We can integrate your last mile providers so you know what is happening beyond the port.

Customize your product as you need it

Customize as needed

Air Cargo Tracking coming up
Track your cargo from the origin airport through intermediary airports and ensure they are safely delivered

Document Creation coming up
Have your suppliers created standardized Packing Lists and Commercial Invoices.

CO2 Calculation and offset
Custom dashboards around your line-item data to help make better business decisions

Warehouse schedule management coming up
Manage appointments, improve warehouse efficiency, have the warehouse indicate container receipt. Send delivery notes to truckers directly

Customs and ISF handling coming up
Handle customs clearance processes - in partnership with AEB. Ensure ISF filings are handled via Tradtech.

Full PO Management coming up
Receive status updates, negotiate, check manufacturing status, integrate Quality control - all in one platform.

Consulting & Outsourcing

Free up your time - focus on your supply chain

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Invoice Auditing

Not sure if your partners are “putting wool over your eyes” in their invoices - have us check them for you!

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Cost Optimization

AGX counts many medium and large BCOs and NVOs amongst its customers. We are happy to help optimize your freight rates and transport chain.

pipeline management

Trade Finance

Have you already optimized your cash flow with fiscal customs clearance - use AGX trade finance partners to improve your liquidity position further

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Smart Re-Ordering

Utilize SKU-level data and dashboards around your transports to project inventory levels and plan purchasing.

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Emergency solutions

Do you have an emergency in your transportation chain and want a neutral 3rd option - have one of the many AGX forwarding customers help you

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Tender Management

AGX can help you conduct freight tenders leveraging experience of being “on the other side” for years

Start using the operations platform of the future, today.