Feature Overview

We offer a variety of pain killers for your problems. Take a look and don't hesitate to ask us any questions.

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Virtual One File

Work on the same file together ("Virtual One File") with your agent, synchronized between your TMS. Chat with your agent on the shared file, upload documents, and add colleagues for access as you go.

AGX provides a central platform that connects with your and your partner’s TMS systems and allows them and yourself to be connected to other systems as required.

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Partner Communication

No more long email chains. No more losing track of bookings because of faulty subject lines. No more double data entry. No more "let me look into that" when talking to customers.

Even internal communication gets boosted due to the ease of sharing files and their communication internally.

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Smart Tasks

AGX lets you start your day better: With a powerful customizable task management tool, you know what has to be done at every point in time, who is working on it, and until when they will be done.

Each file has a dedicated checklist with responsible person, due date/period, reminders included. Quickly add any task and assign it to an agent or a team-member. Pre-built templates for different shipment types let you start fast

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Track and Trace in your TMS

Is your team checking carrier and terminal websites in your country and maybe even overseas? Are you manually updating changes in your TMS and e-mailing them to your customers?

AGX integrates data from tracking providers that we push into your AGX files and your TMS, making sure you always have the latest status available. All of this is based on our standard integration: Plug and play!

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End Customer Interface

Are your customers seeking digital freight forwarder solutions for centralized status, document upload, and communication? Still updating disparate customer systems or writing emails?

AGX lets you expose customized and filtered information with your partners in an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that can bear your logo. Chat with your customers on AGX to accelerate booking speed, never missing an opportunity.

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Neutral Connectivity

Are you currently receiving all shipment-related data as well as updates via emails? Are you not getting the updates and origin visibility you want? Did you discard direct EDI connections because they cost lots of money and time?

AGX sources data into the "Virtual One Files" through API, EDI, CSV/SMTP, or manual data entry. Instead of many EDI’s, one connection to AGX is all it takes for you.