How NVD Asia reduced email ping-pong with its partners as an origin agent by 70% with just one integration.

AGX has driven digital transformation for NVD Asia as origin agent, resulting in 20% efficiency increase and less data forwarding. AGX's centralized communication and automated workflows provide real-time visibility, reduce errors, and facilitate efficient collaboration across the organization.

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How an origin agent reduced their partner communication by 70% with just ONE integration.

NVD Asia: A reliable agent across all modes based in Hong Kong

NVD Asia is a leading freight forwarder providing comprehensive transport services across Asia, including road, ocean, air, and rail. With a concentration on Western Europe and Central Asia, they leverage their extensive logistics network and vast experience to deliver efficient and reliable freight solutions to customers.

They use two TMS - one in Mainland China and one in South East Asia.

Emails lead to fragmented information flows slowing down the business

NVD Asia faced challenges in managing the manual data entry requirements of multiple Destination partners, resulting in repetitive steps and increasing the risk of errors. Additionally, their previous communication channels were email based and fragmented, making it challenging and inefficient to exchange information (schedules, updates on shipments, etc.) with partners. 

In addition, they had to implement point-to-point integrations with many different agents, incurring them cost and significant time spent. They then had to manually trigger these EDI’s frequently leading to issues and troubleshooting. 

"We have experienced a remarkable transformation in our operations since implementing AGX. The platform has not only reduced double data entry and partner communication by 70%, but it has also made us more efficient and less stressed. AGX has become our one-stop solution for all our communication and shipment tracking needs." - NVD Asia Operations

Since NVD uses AGX, they can focus on the actual handling instead of forwarding information.

AGX provided a streamlined platform that significantly reduced the need for repetitive data entry efforts and minimized the use of multiple applications to communicate with 7+ Destination partners. NVD Asia could now utilize AGX's customizable Bookings table to manage shipments efficiently, allowing managers to track shipments in real-time. AGX's milestone tracker and automated updates reduce the need for follow-ups and improve visibility. Furthermore, the time spent on carrier websites decreased significantly since the necessary information get directly fueled into AGX. 

As AGX took care of the integrations with their agents, they no longer had to build new integrations and trigger EDI’s manually. 

In addition, AGX integrated with their TMS in South East Asia and China. 

In the end, they are saving 10 minutes per file, resulting in an overall 20% efficiency increase. 

  • No more ping-pong on schedules and shipment updates: 70% Reduction in Partner Communication
  • EDI’s to NVD’s TMS from AGX: Massively reduced Double Data Entry 
  • No more looking up on carrier websites: Real-time Shipment Overview and Tracking
  • One platform to manage the vast majority of their partners without multiple EDI projects: Efficient Communication with All Agents via One Platform
  • Auto-translation of messages into Chinese via the AGX chat
  • No more manual triggering of EDI’s to partners - automated delivery from AGX

The implementation of AGX had further benefits, including less stress on data protection policies and effortless customer data input. Above all, it elevated NVD Asia's operational efficiency by removing the inefficiencies of redundant processes ultimately.

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