Save 1 in 5 people by centralizing all your partner communications.

Our communication and collaboration platform allows medium-sized freight forwarders to effectively work with agents and customers like never before.

You and your global agents will communicate and collaborate on a "virtual one file” system. Connect your and their TMS via our simple API, access advanced tracking information, avoid double data entry. No more surprises, hassles, and unnecessary follow-ups.

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Cut 70% of emails: Centralized shipment visibility and communications

No more long email chains. No more losing track of bookings because of faulty subject lines. No more double data entry. No more "let me look into that" when talking to customers.

Work on the same file together ("Virtual One File") with your agent, synchronized between your TMS. Chat with your agent on the shared file, upload documents, and add colleagues for access as you go.

AGX sources data into the "Virtual One Files" through API, EDI, CSV/SMTP, or manual data entry. Instead of many EDI’s, one connection to AGX is all it takes for you.

Replace paper checklists and post-its: Smart Tasks

“Have I already received the booking confirmation for this shipment?”, "What are all the things I have to get done today?" “I have to remind my partner a lot!” - does this sound like you?

AGX lets you start your day better: With a powerful customizable task management tool, you know what has to be done at every point in time, who is working on it, and until when they will be done.

Each file has a dedicated checklist with responsible person, due date/period, reminders included. Quickly add any task and assign it to an agent or a team-member. Pre-built templates for different shipment types let you start fast.

Forget checking carrier tracking websites: Integrated Track and Trace

Is your team checking carrier and terminal websites in your country and maybe even overseas? Are you manually updating changes in your TMS and e-mailing them to your customers?

We integrate data from tracking providers that we push into your AGX files and your TMS, making sure you always have the latest status available. All of this is based on our standard integration: Plug and play!

Outshine your competition: Your beautiful end customer interface

Are your customers eyeing digital freight forwarder offerings, wishing for a central view on current shipment status, document upload, and communications? Are you updating disparate customer systems or find yourself constantly writing email updates?

AGX provides lets you expose the customized and filtered information you exchanged with your partners in an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that can bear your logo. Chat with your customers on AGX to accelerate booking speed, never missing an opportunity.

Simply connect to your agents’ systems like never before

Are you currently receiving all shipment-related data as well as updates via emails? Are you not getting the updates and origin visibility you want? Did you discard direct EDI connections because they cost lots of money and time?

AGX provides a central platform that connects with your and your partner’s TMS systems and allows them and yourself to be connected to other systems as required.

One easy platform for all your agent communication and collaboration

Simplifying the data: We combine data from origin and destination TMS into a shared "one file" via our simple API, adding third party track and trace data. One connection to AGX is all you need for all your agents.

Easier to collaborate: Work on shared files with all your agents. Chat on your file, add tasks and upload documents.

Across modes: Use the AGX base platform across all modes of transports. Our sea freight offering is the most advanced, covering FCL and LCL.

Your digital customer offering: Offer your superior visibility and communication tool to your customers for enhanced branding.

Value-Added Services: Insurance, CO2 Offsetting, and much more to come

Are you feeling lost in a maze of service providers? Are you looking for a one-stop shop that allows you to quickly book and handle additional services you are selling to customers?

AGX has negotiated deals with CO2 offsetting providers, transport insurance companies, transport cost factoring providers, and many more to come.

You can book their services with one click and receive offers and respective certificates in your AGX file seamlessly.

Get rid of repetitive tasks through automation

Are you tired of sending email number 1001: do you have an update on this? Are your customers asking you for tracking based on their Purchase Orders? Would you like to know if other forwarders already received space confirmations on a vessel?

AGX is offering many optional features that can make your life easier and keep your back free so you can focus on customer service and new customer acquisition.

Find partners that allow you to easily expand your business

Are you unhappy with your current agent setup in a certain country?

We are happy to provide you with introductions to proven AGX partners. Our network is particularly strong across Asia, the USA, and Europe.
If it's a Canadian forwarder focussed on fish exports, warehousing for dangerous goods in the Netherlands, flexi tank shipments worldwide, or a simple NVOCC with great space and rates out of China, we got you covered.

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About AGX

AGX World Ltd. was founded in 2021 to help small and medium-sized forwarders to take a step ahead and digitalize themselves to compete with emerging digital and global players. We provide them with the digital toolset and keep their backs free so they can focus on their superior operational service offering.

We are committed to global trade and strive to push global prosperity while driving sustainability. As a fully remote organization we have representatives and staff in ten nations. Based across Asia, Europe and Africa we are well-financed by industry experts, and currently in the launching process.