Core Values

We do what we say and we say what we do

Trust is the basis of all good business and reliability is the basis of trust. We strive to fulfill our promises and speak up if we can't. We make sure roles and responsibilities are clearly understood and followed.
We are from different cultures and are explicit in our communication to ease communications. We are explicit about what are facts vs assumptions vs opinions.

When dirt is on the floor we pick it up and make sure it stays clean

When we see an issue, we help solve it, find out why it was there and act as owners, making sure it doesn't happen again. We are moving at a high pace, mistakes will happen, the only time they become a problem is if they are ignored and not spoken about
The idea is dead, long live the ownership. In a world of the constant influx of information, ideas often get communicated but not executed. Agent X will always encourage ownership to the extreme so that there is space to execute.

Speak up honestly and listen carefully

We are acknowledging that our knowledge is imperfect. Listening to our users, colleagues, and our surroundings, allows us to constantly grow and expand. We continue to learn, relentlessly.
Ideas are the fuel of innovation. We provide space for the thoughts of everyone, to contribute, improve, and innovate on everything we do. We make sure people are comfortable voicing different opinions, pushing back, and carrying the water on messages that no one wants to hear.

We want to make people so good they can get any job and so happy they don't want to leave

We value each individual. We are clear on roles and responsibilities and help define a path forward.  We enable our team members to get mastery of topics they are interested in and focus on constant learning.
We know that all our lives are different and deeply appreciate the time you spent on AGX as a success - however, we will always fully support that family/health/friends and anything else comes first.

We build stuff we are proud of and do amazing things that customers love

Behind every company, every customer, and every user, is just a person like any one of us. With every decision we make, and every interaction we have, we wholeheartedly want to deliver a great experience. Every impression we leave another human being with must be so pleasant that there will never be any hesitation in reaching back out to us. The customer experience is more than just working with Agent X's software product, it begins with a smile at the first meeting, and ends with the solution we provide.

We all make sure that what we build truly makes our customers’ lives easier and ourselves proud. We strive to reduce labor through pragmatically improving and keeping scalability in mind.

About AGX

AGX World Ltd. was founded in 2021 to help small and medium-sized forwarders to take a step ahead and digitalize themselves to compete with emerging digital and global players. We provide them with the digital toolset and keep their backs free so they can focus on their superior operational service offering.

We are committed to global trade and strive to push global prosperity while driving sustainability. As a fully remote organization we have representatives and staff in ten nations. Based across Asia, Europe and Africa we are well-financed by industry experts, and currently in the launching process.