CO2 Offsetting

Our online platform allows small-medium-sized freight forwarders to offer value added service easily, giving you the competitive edge.

Hassle free, Carrier Neutral and Cost effective

Hassle Free: AGX platform allows you to add CO2 offsetting directly to a shipment offsetting the actual amount of emission or after the booking is done thru the booking reference, independent of carrier choice.

Cost Competitive: To fully offset one Teu on Asia to Europe routing, it cost about 70USD/Teu on carrier add on products for forestry projects. With AGX, it is estimated to be 30USD/Teu.

Flexibility: You have full control and flexibility of which projects, which mode of transport (Sea, Land, Air), purchasing habits by shipment or bulk purchase, and also customizing the beneficiary name on the certification.

Visibility: We can provide a dashboard customable to you on your emission, purchase and offsetting record, drillable down to your customer level.

Trust Worthy: The projects that we selected are fully in compliance with  ISO 14083, using GLEC framework. All projects used for the offset are registered with and thus recognized, traceable, and fully transparent.

Attract Eco-customers, Show the impact & Share the story

Have you seen there more eco-purchasing pattern evolving around you? People are bringing their own container to pack lunch, reduction of plastic usage, purchasing more durable eco-products, etc.

In fact, people around the world are getting more conscientious with reducing their carbon footprint or to get offset by buying into green projects.

With just a click away, it hassle free and simple to get this add-on feature without tied in to any carriers. Leave the auditing of project authenticity to our trusted partners where hidden cost is also removed.

With AGX customable dashboard, it become so easy to show your company or your customer emission level, offset purchases on a shipment level, quarterly or annually basic, etc.

Certification can be customized to show your company name/your customer's name as well.

Leading by example, this is the right thing to do, and having a positive impact on our climate and health being.

Effect of Carbon Emission

Global warming: Carbon can trap heat from the atmosphere, thus prevents it from escaping the earth’s surface. Lead to global warming, droughts, severe weather patterns. Stronger carbon emissions can partially melt ice sheets and glaciers and warming the oceans, thus increasing the sealevels.

Health and productivity: Greenhouse gas emission causes more respiratory illnesses from increased smog and air pollution. When carbon emissions eradicate a particular animal species, destroying crops is a huge blow to the agri-business sector.
Carbon emissions contain carcinogens which increase the risk of getting cancer, and health diseases. This affects the working population, which means low productivity.

8% of the world carbon emission come from logistics activity

Industry leaders, major shipping lines and lead forwarder are having their own net carbon dioxide programme but often at a higher cost and to get access you have to tied in your shipment with them.

Other than being socially responsible, having a CO programme also attract more eco- customers to come onboard.

Join us now and get access to our carrier neutral service. Hassle-free, no hefty cost add on and be carbon neutral.

Carbon offset projects

Carbon offset projects compensate for carbon emissions most commonly through, forestation efforts, the expansion of renewable energies and carbon removal by net-negative materials,

While we have a default bundle for simplicity but we also provide different bundle customable to your needs.

About AGX

AGX World Ltd. was founded in 2021 to help small and medium-sized forwarders to take a step ahead and digitalize themselves to compete with emerging digital and global players. We provide them with the digital toolset and keep their backs free so they can focus on their superior operational service offering.

We are committed to global trade and strive to push global prosperity while driving sustainability. As a fully remote organization we have representatives and staff in ten nations. Based across Asia, Europe and Africa we are well-financed by industry experts, and currently in the launching process.