Our Story

Almost every object around you has been in a container at some point. A massive share of these goods are moved by freight forwarders, 80% of whom are small and medium-sized - who mostly organize shipments via email.

AGX helps these forwarders by providing them with the digital toolset so they can focus on their superior operational service.

We are a team uniting decades of experience in forwarding, tech, and consulting. We are based in both Europe and Asia.

Meet the Team

Joseph Carnarius

Joseph bridges the technology world and the forwarding world. He spent 5 years at Forto, joining as one of the first 10 full-time employees and leaving when it had become a unicorn. He fell in love with containers building removal department at an online relocation startup.
He believes

❗️ that the combination of technology and deep knowledge in logistics can truly make logistics professionals jobs easier and drive trade
❗️ in the power of team empowerment by bringing decision power closer to knowledge
❗️that if you can’t remember any time in the last six months when you failed, you aren’t trying to do difficult enough things

Overall he loves building strong organizations where team members empower each other and work together in building products they are proud of and that customers love.

Karl Koch

Karl is responsible for making sure that your experience with AGX runs smoothly. He has spent years working in management consulting in Europe and Asia, falling in love with smoothly-running processes that deliver what customers need. He believes that

❗️ Listening once is better than guessing twice
❗️ Where there’s a will, there’s a way
❗️ Clarity and transparency are everything

Other experience in some bullets:

✔️ Worked in logistics, fintech and healthtech startups
✔️ Advised clients on growth and process design in industries ranging from automotive to software, insurance, retail, index provision, private equity, and crypto

Overall he loves building products in spaces with a low degree of digitization, listening to and learning from customers, seeing solutions work, and team members thrive.

Max Nebl

Before joining AGX Max has been heading the product development & QA departments at a leading POS & retail-tech company. Why is a POS (essentially online cashier system) similar to a central logistics platform: He believes that:

❗️ just needs to work
❗️ needs to make sure sensitive data (credit card info) is secure
❗️ needs to connect to sometimes legacy ERP systems.

Other experience in some bullets:

✔️ built up the product and development organization - from being the first tech employee to a team of 20+ people.
✔️ first startup founded in 2011, succeeded by running a software development boutique on the side since 2018
✔️ a few endeavors in the crypto sector

Overall he loves building exciting products that disrupt spaces with a low degree of digitization, writing quality software, prototyping physical products, as well as mingling with hardware, and the enjoyment that 3D printing, music, and photography bring.

Our Vision

Our vision is to let small-, and medium-sized freight forwarders compete with digital freight forwarders head on, making collaboration between supply chain actors so easy that global supply chains become plug and play.

We do this, in the first step, by building a communication and collaboration platform that cuts down on unnecessary emails and double data entries by connecting relevant data sources. This creates transparency, letting SME freight forwarders focus on value-adding activities.

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About AGX

AGX World Ltd. was founded in 2021 to help small and medium-sized forwarders to take a step ahead and digitalize themselves to compete with emerging digital and global players. We provide them with the digital toolset and keep their backs free so they can focus on their superior operational service offering.

We are committed to global trade and strive to push global prosperity while driving sustainability. As a fully remote organization we have representatives and staff in ten nations. Based across Asia, Europe and Africa we are well-financed by industry experts, and currently in the launching process.